About Damon Neth

Damon Neth is a seasoned entrepreneur, battle-tested executive and senior consultant with deep domain expertise in transforming companies through the development of comprehensive strategy, technology innovation and operational excellence.  

As an Entrepreneur, Damon founded, acquired, merged and exited many companies over more than 20 years in industries including high-end professional services, ecommerce & retail,  distribution & manufacturing, CPG, and software & technology. He remains active in the entrepreneurial community through membership in Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO), Accelerator, mentorship to others through various accelerators & incubators, and by often speaking to large audiences of entrepreneurs and influencers.  He and his wife Stacey currently own and operate two companies in Austin, TX.

As a senior consultant working at the executive level, Damon personally led massive technology and operational transformations for companies ranging from pre-revenue start-ups to Fortune 500.  Working at the very top of these organizations, Damon led massive initiatives that were too large or complicated for internal staff in situations where “everything was on the line”, and millions of dollars were spent.  These projects were rooted in replacement of massive multi-million dollar information systems and required business process innovation on a global scale, and all were “bleeding edge” innovations at the time. Known for excellence in execution, Damon’s specialty became rescuing failing initiatives, with 100% success rate.  Estimating he worked 47,000 hours over a dozen years as he led these teams, this intense and pressure-packed experience provided him with a deep level of understanding regarding the dynamics involved in planning and executing enterprise-wide transformations.

As an executive, Damon has held dozens of executive leadership roles in companies of all sizes since the 1990s, with typical roles being CEO, President, CIO/CTO and COO.  In 2014, Damon founded CXO Service Co., a premium provider of Interim Executive leadership to organizations, a newly emerging field in the U.S. at the time. CXO Service Co. helps companies transform to attain higher levels of performance or tackle persistent problems by providing on-demand executives with specialized skills that are matched to a company’s specific needs.   Damon is a founding member of InterimExecs, the world’s premier organization for Interim Executives and a member of its top-ranked RED team since its inception, an elite designation. Damon is co-author of X-FormationTM: Transforming Business Through Interim Executive Leadership, and speaks to audiences about attaining business excellence by using Interim Executives, and how to utilize Interims’ game-changing approaches.

Damon coaches and mentors leaderships teams, executives and senior consultants, teaching them specific tools to achieve critical goals, attain next-level results and create a culture of excellence.  Damon is also a Certified EOS Implementer™, helping companies reach repeatable excellence using the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, as outlined in the book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business.