helping entrepreneurs and the companies they
lead to achieve strong results

Finding the right type of help at the very top of any organization can be challenging, especially if the situation is urgent or the stakes are too high to waste cycles or act with uncertainty.

 Damon has provided hands-on help and leadership to nearly 100 clients since 1990.


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Having lived an entrepreneur’s life for 20 years, my passion has become helping entrepreneurs and the companies they lead, achieve strong results. To this end, I am an active member in EO (Entrepreneur’s Organization), a mentor, coach and confidant to hundreds of business owners, and a professional service provider to small-and-medium sized companies.

Through EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System®), I help companies achieve a crystal-clear vision that is shared by all, execute on that vision across the entire organization with true accountability and achieve healthy culture.

In addition to EOS®, I provide interim and/or fractional executive leadership to companies in the areas of enterprise technology, organizational alignment, process innovation and overall operational excellence.


Interim Executives are on-demand change artists who help companies attain world-class results. Interims are experts at stepping into unfamiliar situations, assessing the dynamics at work, and leading organizations through X-FormationTM, the practice of organizational transformation.

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